Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 127: Hello, My Name Is Christina and I... I Have A Ribbon Problem

This isn't even all of my ribbon (though close to it). No wonder Aaron said no more ribbon until I sell some bows. lol

Day 126: No, It's No One's Birthday

Ashlyn always gets a free balloon at Publix but one day it slipped off her wrist and flew away. She was really upset, but she was a big girl about it. I was proud of her so I asked Aaron to stop by the store on his way home to get her another one. He found a Rapunzel balloon that he knew she would like. She asked what it said and we told her and said it was a birthday balloon for Rapunzel. It's still holding up and she still loves it.

Day 125: More Pretty Flowers

These flowers smelled amazing! The whole kitchen and living room smelled like flowers. The only problem is that they spilled pollen over everything. They eventually went outside in the screened in porch, but I miss how they made the house smell.

Day 124: My Love Bug

I found this mask at JoAnn's for $1 a month or two ago and got it to keep for Valentine's Day. Ashlyn did such a great job coloring it!

Day 123: Ice Cream Cake

Aaron had some friends over and since I didn't want to make a whole cake just for the three of us, I made it that night. It's a chocolate cake with a strawberry ice cream heart in the middle.

Day 122: Computer Nerd

Aaron got a few things he needed to make his baby work properly again. He built this computer himself 3 years ago and something broke or something during our move to Florida. He waited awhile, but used some of our tax refund to fix it up. I'll be a computer widow for awhile, but he loves working on it. :)

Day 121: Valentine

Here is what I came up with for Ashlyn to hand out to her friends at dance class since she had that class on Valentine's Day. A small pot with everything to grow either Forget-Me-Nots or strawberries (I had a variety of pots) and a Tinkerbell valentine attached to it.

Day 120: Mickey Cookies

We saw these cookies at the store and thought they would be perfect to make on Valentine's Day! We ended up making them later than that, but hearts and Mickey are good for any day. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 119: Fresh Beat Band

Ashlyn has always loved the Fresh Beat Band, but has grown to like them more and more. Now that we got her the soundtrack, she is pretty obsessed. lol The CD came with a small poster and she decided it should go on her door. So here it is with the sign that she's had for awhile (that my friend, Jamie, sent while we were still in Cuba... it says "Princess Ashlyn's Room").

Day 118: Our Little Model

Ashlyn was wearing lots of pink and when I asked her which earrings she would like to wear, she chose pink. I just thought it was so cool that she picked ones that matched. :) I wanted to take a picture and she just started posing. lol

Day 117: Table Decor

I had the flowers on one side of the table, but decided they would look great with the rest of the Valentine's decorations on the table.

Day 116: Tulips

Aaron got us some beautiful tulips for Valentine's Day. Yes, a little early, but he wanted us to be able to enjoy them not just for Valentine's Day. And they're potted so hopefully they'll last a long time.

Day 115: A Very Patient Kitty

Ali is very good with Ashlyn. Ashlyn loves to play with Ali, and is getting better at remember the correct way to play with her, but sometimes she wants to share too much. lol She never quite remembers that Ali doesn't want to play with her dolls, but she always tries to share.

Day 114: Earrings

I've been wearing jewelry more often lately (earrings and sometimes a necklace) since Ashlyn is old enough to not pull on them. She was awhile ago but I just never thought of it. Anyway, she loves jewelry and she's had sticker earrings for awhile and now she asks to wear them more often since she sees me wearing stuff. She loved these and wanted me to take a picture of her fairy earrings. :)

Day 113: New Bow Designs

I'm back to making bows again since there is a craft fair coming up at the end of March. I already know what kind of cake pops I'm making and I'm contemplating decorating cookies, too, but we'll see. Anyway, I like to take pictures of ribbon combinations I'm thinking of so I can look back. This isn't one of my favorite combinations, but I'm saving those for later because I'm excited about them. :) I should get a couple of new ribbons in the mail that I need and then I'll make them. Anyway, all I took today were pics of ribbon combinations. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 112: More Yumminess

Ashlyn and I baked oatmeal raisin walnut cookies this morning. Before I was watching what I eat I would easily eat one or two to "taste test" the batches. But I only ate one and, maybe, I'll eat one for after dinner. But I was proud of myself for stopping at one. Anyway, I knew Ashlyn and I would make these one day this week, but today was perfect because Aaron's boss (who we all just love) is in the hospital with an infection in his thumb and Aaron was going to go see him before work. So I packed a couple of cute bags I have with some cookies for him to take. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of the bags and I forgot to take a pic until the rest were already stored in a bag, but you can still see how yummy they look. ;)

Day 111: Conch Shell

This is the painted conch shell I mentioned in an earlier post. Someone from the Philippines that worked in GTMO painted it for Ashlyn's first birthday. It's a unique souvenir from Ashlyn's birth place.

Day 110: Home is the Comfiest Place to Be

We have these two things on our breakfast bar or whatever you want to call it. The lighthouse is one of my favorite things. You put scented gels in the top and light a tea light underneath. Aaron and I got this while at Busch Gardens in Virginia years ago, probably before we were married. We went once a year and I just loved it and this lighthouse always brings back happy memories.

Day 109: Tinker Bell

We had our Tinker Bell movie night this night. It was a lot of fun. Aaron helped me make a tree in the corner of the room for our own Pixie Hollow. I love how the poster board he used as a branch/support doesn't look like poster board at all (in a good way). He took my idea and just made it look really cool. :)