Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 142: Fancy Hair

I wanted to do something different with Ashlyn's hair than just a ponytail or braid. So I did a Dutch braid (similar to a French braid) off to the side (saw it online on a kid's hair style site I like). It turned out really cute (especially for my first time doing anything like that... I had never even done a regular French braid before) and she got comments on it when we went to the library. This is the hairstyle she will have with her Easter dress.

Day 141: Meow

Ashlyn loves to dress up. Some days she 100% gets into character. This day she wanted to be a kitty cat and even walked with me to the mailbox with the ears on. Too cute.

Day 140: Spoiled Cat

So here's a story all about the most spoiled cat ever. Ali loves to sleep on our bed. Always. But her favorite times to do so are when we are changing the sheets or there are clean clothes lying on it. I was just finished washing our sheets and I walked in to put them on. Ali was sleeping on the mattress so I waited to put the sheets on until she got off. I didn't even think about making her get off. The funny this is, I know Aaron would have done the same thing. :) Way spoiled.

Day 139: Jack Skellington Bow

Here's another creation. I haven't made bows in awhile (this was made almost a month ago), but I need to since there is a craft fair in less than a week. Plus I have one or two more designs to do. :)

Day 138: Finished Project

I absolutely love how Ashlyn's room came together. She still talks about how much she loves everything. Here's the finished A and how I did her bed.

Day 137: Mulan

We had a Mulan movie night that was really fun. Aaron and I hadn't seen it in a really long time and Ashlyn had never seen it. As part of the decorations, I printed out our names in Chinese and taped them to the back of our chairs. This is Ashlyn's.

Day 136: Push Pops!

I'd been wanting these for awhile and Aaron started encouraging me to get some to try it out. So I made brownies and layered them with gelato and topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. It was definitely really fun! I have an Easter treat I want to make, too, with these.

Day 135: Step 2 of Ashlyn's "A" Project

And I began to make stripes. This little project was really fun. I like how it all turned out, too.

Day 134: Cornbread Taco Pie

I made this because it sounded like it would be good, but no super high hopes. It ended up being pretty tasty!

Day 133: I Feel Just Like A Rockstar

Ashlyn knows most of the dance the Fresh Beat Band does during the song at the end of the show. Here she is showing off her moves!

Day 132: Step 1 of a Project for Ashlyn's Room

By now, whoever reads this blog has seen the results of this, but here is step 1 of an "A" I got at Michaels to put in Ashlyn's room.

Day 131: A Card for Daddy

We had gone to see Aaron at work (before he moved to a store farther away... hopefully that's temporary) because his schedule was keeping him from seeing Ashlyn very much (close and then open the next day so I would see him, but he would be home/gone again while Ashlyn was sleeping). She wanted to stay with him so bad instead of going back home, so I suggested she make him a card. I wrote down all the words (the back says Love, Ashlyn) and she traced them herself. She drew a picture inside and added some stickers. She loved making it for him and, of course, he loved it, too. :)

Day 130: Mardi Gras

This was a fun movie night. It was Mardi Gras (well, the day before) and we watched Princess and the Frog. Dinner was black eyed peas and sausage, beans, and rice and cornbread. Yum!

Day 128 and 129: Bows

Wow. Well, this photo challenge obviously hasn't been a top priority of mine lately. But I do have pictures! I seriously wish I was better at staying on top of this. Anyway, let's get a few more up here, shall we? I'll get closer to present day at least. :)

For awhile there, I was just making bows left and right. Here are the Fresh Beat Band bow (wow, blurry... oops) and the Snow White bow.