Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 140: Spoiled Cat

So here's a story all about the most spoiled cat ever. Ali loves to sleep on our bed. Always. But her favorite times to do so are when we are changing the sheets or there are clean clothes lying on it. I was just finished washing our sheets and I walked in to put them on. Ali was sleeping on the mattress so I waited to put the sheets on until she got off. I didn't even think about making her get off. The funny this is, I know Aaron would have done the same thing. :) Way spoiled.

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  1. She IS spoiled! I was thisclose to agreeing to get a dog when we get a house but after spending a few days at Dave's parents house (they have a dog) and getting dog hair all over everything, it was confirmed that I am not a pet person. At all. I love, LOVE animals just not as pets. I'm too big of a clean freak, I think. haha