Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 66: It's Santa!!!

We were driving from Bubba Burger Grill Saturday night after having dinner with Aaron's parents and at the library I saw three fire trucks all lit up with Christmas lights. I asked Aaron to pull into the parking lot and we all went in. What we didn't see was that Santa was there, too! I knew Ashlyn would love the fire trucks, which is why we pulled over, but Santa was just an added bonus. I knew she would love waving to him, because that's all she wants to do at the mall, but wasn't sure she'd want to go talk to him. She watched a few other kids sit on his knee and she said she wanted to, too. I'm thinking maybe it just felt less intimidating to her than at the mall with all the people and the big production. She sat on his knee and told him what she wanted for Christmas. :) The whole experience just made our night. Santa was awesome, too. When he asked Ashlyn what she wanted for Christmas, she said a kitty cat. Santa said "That's a very special gift. I'm not sure if I can bring a kitty cat, but would you like a kitty cat like the dog you have?" She was holding a Webkinz puppy that Aaron's boss gave her while we were at Bubba Burger (Aaron's boss and Ashlyn are like the best of friends lol). And she said yes, so I think Santa will be putting one in her stocking. Because, you know, Santa needed to get MORE things for her. lol But I think it will be awesome for her to see that Santa brought her what she asked for. :)

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  1. That's awesome that she sat and talked to Santa.