Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 67: Early Christmas Presents

I already knew that Aaron had gotten me a prepaid credit card for Christmas because I was really wanting some new clothes. Well, we were at the mall because Aaron's parents wanted our help on what to get Ashlyn for Christmas (with help from my dad, we got her the set of all 10 Disney princess dolls so Aaron's parents got her a few princes! She is NOT going to know what to do with all her new toys! I am so excited for her to open everything!). My favorite clothing store (New York & Co.) was having a sale and it was the last day. So I went ahead and got some clothes I LOVE. I felt bad because of all the money being spent, but Aaron said it added up to about half of the prepaid card so we will just use that amount to put gas in the car and stuff and I'll still have more to buy stuff. So that made me feel better. :) I am super excited to wear my new clothes and I think Stacy and Clinton (What Not To Wear) would approve. ;) That vest and button down shirt are two different items so they can be mixed and matched, too.

And... I am officially caught up besides today's picture. Things are calming down around here so I am going to make it my goal to post more often. Maybe not every day, but close. ;)

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  1. Super cute! I got 2 new shirts (actually they're hoodies...Stacy and Clinton would probably NOT approve but it's COLD here! *lol*) over the weekend, too!