Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 68: Spoiled Cat

Ever wonder how spoiled our cat really is? Okay, probably not, but this kinda shows it. Ashlyn has a doll bed that stays next to her own bed (and about 5 stuffed animals share that bed at the moment... don't get me started) but the top always got in the way for her, so we took it off (this was quite awhile ago maybe around Ashlyn's 2nd birthday?). One day Ali just started sleeping under it so it became hers. And she has a stocking, so of course it went right above her "bed." And Santa is bringing her new toys and a can of tuna to put in it. Yeah, I know, I would totally be the crazy cat lady if I wasn't married, but in my defense, it was just as much Aaron's idea to keep the bed thing and get her a stocking and whatnot as mine. ;)

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