Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 107: Cuban Memories

Shortly before moving from Cuba, we went to a craft fair. They always held one for residents to sell their crafty goods (except for food... they wouldn't allow it :( so no cake pops, but that's neither here nor there) every few months. Anyway, there is always one photographer or another selling their pictures and we found these two gems and had to grab them up. This first one is in our living room and has a picture of 5 of the animals that roam around the place (woodpecker, iguana, owl, hummingbird, banana rats) and a picture of the lighthouse.

This next one we got for Ashlyn's room. It's a horrible picture of the pictures, but the colors are beautiful. All different pictures of hummingbirds with "lights" added into the flowers to make it look fairy tale-like. I love it. It's not up in her room yet, but soon. Actually, now that I think about it, this is kinda the color scheme I want Ashlyn's room to be (since green is her favorite color but she still is a girly girl, hence the pink). Again, the colors just don't come out in this photo, but it's really nice.

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