Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 88: Play It Loud, Just LIke A Rockstar!

I was looking online at some stuff and on the Nick Jr. website there was a template and instructions on how to make a guitar just like KiKi in The Fresh Beat Band. Ashlyn's always wanting to play with our Wii guitar, but we won't let her (she can only play with the drums). So I knew I had some paper towel tubes and cardboard in my craft box so I whipped it up for her. She has played it every day!

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  1. That is really cute! And seeing this reminds me that you asked about Dawson's guitar and I don't think I ever replied to that email. Sorry, I have been so bad with keeping up with things lately. I hope there wasn't anything else you were asking in that email! Anyway, this is the guitar that we got Dawson: He LOVES it! Ashlynn likes pushing the buttons, too. It really is a cool little guitar. You can make your own music, play music that is already on there, and it has a headset microphone that really works. Dawson loves hearing himself sing. :)