Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 99: Beach Cottage

While in St. Augustine a few weeks ago, we saw this sign in one of the little shops and I just loved it because our guest bathroom is kind of a beach theme. We're still working on it little by little, but we're trying not to be TOO literal. So far we have this sign, a shell that was painted by someone in Cuba that has Ashlyn's name and stuff on it that we got for her 1st birthday, and a picture of an anchor made of Cuban sea glass made by a friend of ours. Everything else is going to be the color scheme of light blue, beige, and coral. We did add a shelf that is a bit wavy to represent the ocean, too. I'm liking it so far. :) I'll take pics of more when it gets closer to completion. We're not in a hurry. We get stuff whenever we find something we think would be perfect. Actually, this picture kinda stinks. The colors and everything are much cuter in person. :)

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  1. Super cute!! We have a palm tree theme in one of our bathrooms, I like it because it reminds me of San Diego. (I miss it SO bad there lately!!!)